We provide Temporary Monetary Assistance to Local California Women experiencing Financial Distress as a result of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Costs of Living Rise When a Fight for Life Begins

Cancer is absurdly expensive. Many patients cite financial need as a major source of stress.  Women with breast cancer and their caregivers often must cut back on time spent at work, which means their income decreases at the same time that their bills increase.

We Have the Power to Help

You and I – we may not have the cure. But we sure can be part of the solution until patients move from treatment and loss back to productive, self-sufficient members of our community. Your contribution can help a patient make that rent payment, keep on those lights and heat, and refuel that car so she can get to treatment.

These Women Need Our Help

We’re not shy to ask you. These women need our help to heal and to live. Their gratefulness reaches down through generations. Because of your giving, entire families will be changed. Yes, donating provides you with a tax donation to write off at the end of 2016. But your giving? You can affect patients and their families for a lifetime.

Let’s Do This!

Our Goal: Raise $5000


Only until December 31

$5000 now becomes $15000