Grant Recipient: Sarah

“We have discovered that the cost of breast cancer does not end with medical bills…”

Diagnosis: Stage II breast cancer (diagnosed 09/2014)

Treatment: Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation

Grant used for: Car repairs

Mother of a Big Clan

At the age of 36, Sarah has her hands full as the matriarch of a blended military family on a fixed income. Together, she and her husband have six children at home. That is a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of love and care to give every single day! Even in perfect health, it takes a lot of work for Sarah to care for her brood. Unfortunately, cancer is zapping Sarah’s strength.
Stage II Breast Cancer Comes Knocking

In September of 2014, Sarah discovered that she had breast cancer. Since that time, she has undergone surgery and is now in the middle of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. When Sarah wrote us to request a grant, she reminded us of how all the little unexpected costs related to breast cancer can really add up.

Growing Travel and Care Costs

Even for a family with steady income and health insurance, breast cancer can be incredibly expensive. Sarah explains how she must be driven 40 minutes round trip several times a week for her chemotherapy and radiation treatments. This adds up in gas money and in car maintenance costs. The family’s car is in desperate need of repair, and Sarah isn’t sure how she is going to afford it.

Other costs keep popping up. Sarah doesn’t always have the strength and energy to care for her six children, and so must pay for childcare. Her medication has caused her weight to fluctuate, forcing her to purchase new clothes. Her radiation and chemo treatments have even changed what she is able to eat, adding hundreds of dollars to the family’s monthly grocery bill.

None of these costs are covered by health insurance, forcing Sarah and her family to struggle to find a way to afford them along with their normal everyday expenses. We hear similar stories from so many women who struggle with all the ancillary costs of breast cancer, which is why we are grateful to be able to assist Sarah and her family with a grant from Shades of Pink Foundation California.