Grant Recipient: Vong

Diagnosis: Stage IV metastatic breast cancer

Treatment: Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy

Grant used for: Utilities, auto insurance

A Terrible Diagnosis

Vong is a mother of two young children, ages three and nine, who worked hard at her job to keep her small family financially afloat. In October of 2015, her doctor gave her a terrifying diagnosis of stage IV metastatic breast cancer. As Vong writes in her grant request: “There is no cure for my disease.”

The Cancer Spreads

Since her diagnosis, Vong’s condition has continued to deteriorate. Her cancer spread to both of her lungs, her spinal cord, and other parts of her body. She recently underwent a vertebroplasty procedure to treat the severe pain in her spine. Her current treatment plan consists of long-term chemotherapy and radiation.

Total Loss of Income

Vong experienced such severe pain from her cancer that she was forced to quit her job. At roughly the same time, her boyfriend lost his job. Seemingly overnight, Vong and her family went from a two-income household to absolutely nothing. Even when she starts receiving disability payments, it will not be enough to cover her living expenses or the cost of raising two young children.

Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Even in the face of such a discouraging diagnosis, Vong continues to search for ways to pay her bills and care for her children. She requested the assistance of Shades of Pink Foundation California, and with the support of our generous donors, we were able to help this struggling mom with pay her utility and auto insurance bills.