The only thing better than hearing the relief in the voice of a grant applicant when we call to tell them they won a grant is to be able to give them even more financial support! With the help of our generous donors and a $27,200 grant from SITE Southern California, we are excited to announce that we have been able to increase our grant awards. All applications are reviewed by our grant committee and grants are awarded based on need.

Why a Bigger Grant Matters

All of our grant applicants are fighting two extremely difficult battles. The first battle is breast cancer, and the second battle is keeping financially afloat in the face of quickly growing bills. Most women in chemotherapy and radiation treatment are not healthy enough to work, and the loss of an income is a devastating blow.

Small Cash Infusions Gone Too Quickly

While our previous grant recipients were grateful for a $500 grant, these small infusions of cash were often only enough to cover one or two utility bills, one auto insurance payment, or to assist with groceries for a single month. This gave our grant recipients immediate relief, but the pressure was on again the next month when the bills came again.

More Help, More Time to Get Well

Now that we can give larger grants up to $1,500, we have the opportunity to make a much bigger positive impact on the lives of our grant recipients. Now we can cover a month of rent, or several months of utilities, groceries, and gasoline. Our grantees won’t have to worry about where the money will come for the bills next month; they can focus on getting treatment and getting well!

Why We Need Your Help More Than Ever

The community grant award we received from SITE Southern California was the boost we needed to elevate our grant awards, but now we have to keep it up. When that money runs out, we’ll need to maintain our commitment to larger grants using only donations from supporters like you! We’re betting that, with your help, we maintain this momentum and continue to make a bigger difference in the lives of our grantees!