Donna’s Story

Despite being partially paralyzed for most of her life, Donna was always able to support herself. For six years,she taught citizenship classes and English as a second language.

Losing her job was a devastating blow, which was soon followed by a bigger challenge when her home flooded. Donna assumed that the lingering exhaustion she felt had to do with living in a hotel room and spending her days looking for a new job and fighting with insurance companies.

When she finally went to the doctor, she received a frightening diagnosis of Stage II breast cancer. What followed was eight months of tests, consultations, surgeries and chemotherapy. All the while, Donna’s savings evaporated as she fought her cancer.

In her grant application, she wrote, “I am weak, depressed, frightened, and overwhelmed. My financial Give situation is now desperate.”

Here at SOPFCA, we felt Donna was highly deserving of a grant. After spending so many years helping newcomers learn the skills they needed to be successful in America, Donna needed a helping hand of her own.

Our grant went toward paying Donna’s utility bills, insurance, and treatment travel costs. Upon receiving her grant, Donna wrote us, “Your caring and kindness are priceless to me, as I know is true for the many women you help in our time of need.”

Donna’s grant was made possible by your donations! Read Donna’s entire story and meet some of the other women who receive SOPFCA grants.

(Image courtesy of Visual Hunt)