As a pharmacist, it is Kristine’s job to help people get well. No wonder she has been such a strong advocate for breast cancer charities for over 20 years! Though she has supported multiple breast cancer orgIMG_2355 (1)anizations, she tells us that SOPFCA stands out.

“I like that the money is going to support women in a tangible way,” she told us. “It’s going to pay bills and buy food. It’s going to help them live a better life at a difficult time.”

Although breast cancer has not struck in Kristine’s immediate family, she has watched several very close friends fight against the disease. Many are now breast cancer survivors, but others lost the fight.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever find a cure for breast cancer,” Kristine told us, “but I do know that we need more involvement at the local level. That’s what makes Shades of Pink Foundation California so special.”

In addition to supporting SOPFCA, Kristine is also active in her local German Shepherd Rescue and supports several military charities.