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Every day in San Diego County, six women hear the words that nobody wants to hear: “You have breast cancer.”

This news changes lives. Not only the lives of the diagnosed woman but her loved ones. Mothers, fathers, husbands, daughters and sons of women with breast cancer all feel the financial and emotional impact.

Cancer is an expensive illness. Women with breast cancer and their families often have to cut back at work, which means their income decreases at the same time their bills pile up. By becoming a Hope Partner, your automatic monthly gift can help provide the sustained resources needed to provide these women and their families support during treatment. The average active treatment time is six months.

Monthly giving is the easiest and most efficient way to support these women.

cancer patient


$25 Monthly

(.83 cents a day)
Pays an gas & electric bill and a phone bill for one month.

Image of Chemo patient doing paperwork


$50 Monthly

($1.60 a day)
Pays for transportation to and from treatment for two months.

Breast Cancer patient


$75 Monthly

($2.50 a day)
Can provide one full months support for utilities, groceries, housing.

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Giving is easy and convenient: We have both one time and monthly giving options.

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Choose a monthly or a one time payment.  Monthly payments will be charged to your preferred credit card or debit card on the same day each month.

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