Sylvia HomVolunteer Spotlight – Sylvia Hom

Sylvia’s Master’s Degree in Social Work and her previous years of professional experience in Child Protective Services probably gives away the fact that this woman has a huge heart and loves to help people. In fact, Sylvia regularly volunteers her time to a number of good causes and was instrumental in the success of our recent Purse Bingo event.

Sylvia first learned about SOPFCA from a member of her book club. Though none of her close friends or family members have struggled with breast cancer, she was still eager to help women in need in her community.

When asked what stands out about her experience volunteering with SOPFCA, Sylvia replied, “After reading some of their grant applications, I was struck by how independent and hardworking these women were. They just needed some help to get them through their treatment period. Their requests were very touching.”

Sylvia proved that she is a major hard worker herself, when she helped us make our recent Purse Bingo event a success. For weeks, she relentlessly recruited players, pulled donated tables from thin air, and cajoled her circle of friends and family to help. Even her daughter baked cookies for the event.

When she isn’t being a superstar volunteer, Sylvia can be found tapping away at her tap dance class, centering herself with yoga, or being a great role model to her two daughters.

When asked if she would continue to volunteer for SOPFCA, Sylvia answered, “I am up for any future involvement!”