Grant Recipient: Lindsey

Any little bit helps out in so many ways.

Diagnosis: Stage II breast cancer

Treatment: Chemotherapy, surgery, reconstruction, hormonal therapy

Grant used for: Car payments, groceries

Chemotherapy Before 30!

Lindsey is a beautiful 29-year-old who was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in March. She continued to work at her job through six courses of chemotherapy. The well-known side-effects of chemotherapy, like fatigue and nausea, meant that she had to drastically cut back her hours at work, As Lindsey wrote in your grant application, “I only make money when I am able to serve.”

Fewer hours means less money coming in, and Lindsey has exhausted all of her savings trying to pay for her medical bills.

Mastectomy Is Looming

When Lindsey sent in her grant application, she was preparing to undergo a mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgery. After the surgery, she will have to quit working for at least several weeks, since she will not be able to carry heavy trays. The prospect of losing all of her income worries Lyndsey, since her fiancé’s income alone will not be enough to cover their bills. In her grant application, she told us, “I have always prided myself on never missing a payment, and having to find alternative ways to make sure all my bills get paid has been added stress at this already stressful time in my life.”

A Grant to a Very Deserving Person

When writing to us, Lindsey’s nurse navigator at Sharp Outpatient Pavilion Oncology Institute described her as “very deserving.” We think so too! With the help of our donors, we were able to ease some of that stress by providing Lindsey with a grant that helped her cover her car bill for three months and buy groceries while she recovered from her surgery. We wish her and her fiancé lots of future happiness together.