In 2013, Jonathan Ice invited a couple of his friends on a casual bike ride and beer tasting trip around Shelter Island in

Point Loma. The dozen or so guys were all fellow dads who knew each other from coaching or cheering on their kids’ sports teams. And so, a yearly tradition began. This year, one of the group participants, Chad O’Conner, made a novel suggestion. What about turning the ride into a fundraiser for a local breast cancer charity called Shades of Pink Foundation California?

Biking for Something More

For Chad, the request was personal. His sister is a breast cancer survivor, and his mother had recently lost her battle with the illness. Chad and Jon have been friends for many years. Their kids grew up playing sports together. Jon didn’t hesitate in agreeing to the fundraiser.

There was just one little problem. The ride was only two weeks away!

“We had a lot of work to do,” Chad explained, and yet, it all came together. Members of the informal group designed t-shirts, koozies, and more. Donations began pouring in.

Biking for Boobs

On November 9th, over 40 men—many decked out in black t-shirts with pink lettering that read “Bikes & Brews 4 Boobs”—rode around Shelter Island, stopping at Kona Kai for drinks followed by dinner at Harbor Town Pub.
At the end of the day, the group had raised over $4,000 for Shades of Pink Foundation California, enough to finance two full grants for women in need.

“I’ve always wanted to get behind a great cause and make a difference,” Chad said after the event. He explained that he chose to donate to SOPFCA after hearing about the organization from a friend. He and Jon both appreciated that SOPFCA is a local charity and that low administrative costs mean more of the money they raise goes directly to women in breast cancer treatment.

Get Ready for Next Year

When asked if they were planning on repeating the fundraiser next year, both men enthusiastically said yes. “Chad and I were overwhelmed by the contributions of our friends,” Jon said. “So many people jumped in to help. It really snowballed. We look forward to next year.”

Both Jon and Chad live in Point Loma. Chad works in real estate and enjoys coaching the sports teams of his three children. Jon works in sales and coaches baseball for his two sons. As their children continue to grow up together, Jon and Chad plan on continuing their tradition of taking family camping trips and other vacations together.

SOPFCA would like to thank Jon and Chad and everyone who participated in the Bikes & Brews 4 Boobs event. They are proof positive that with the right attitude, a little elbow grease, and a great group of people, any event can turn into a fundraiser and make a difference to people in the community.