• Women We’ve Helped- Rachelle

     Grant Recipient: Rachelle

    I so appreciate any help you can give my family in such a scary and stressful time.

    Diagnosis: Stage II Breast Cancer A

    Treatment: Mastectomy, Chemotherapy, Radiation

    Grant used for:  Housing and Utilities

    A Happy Family… And Then, Breast Cancer

    Rachelle is a positive and vivacious woman who loves being a mother to her “wonderful and wild” five-year-old son as well as a self-employed business owner. The 40-year-old esthetician also recently celebrated her 19th wedding anniversary with her husband.

    Everything was going right in Rachelle’s life. Then, the doctors told her she had breast cancer. In a whirlwind of appointments and tests, she made the decision to undergo a mastectomy with chemotherapy to follow and the possibility of radiation therapy afterwards.

    With so much treatment on the horizon, Rachelle made the difficult decision to close her business, at least temporarily.

    The Loss of Income Is About More Than Money

    Money represents security, but it can also mean independence. Rachelle was always proud of the fact that her work as an esthetician helped her clients improve their skin and brought in extra money for her family. Her income also gave her personal spending money. In deciding to press pause on her business, she lost her personal income and the financial contribution she made to her family.

    As a self-employed business owner, Rachelle also doesn’t qualify for disability income, so the loss of her earnings has put a financial strain on her family, as her husband is now the sole breadwinner. They must find a way to make less money go further.

    Rachelle looks forward to the day she can restart her business, but in the meantime, we at SOPFCA were excited to offer her a grant, which will help cover her housing costs and utility payments. We want Rachelle to focus on getting her treatments so that she can go back into business in the near future.


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  • Women We’ve Helped- Tracy

     Grant Recipient: Tracy

    Grant Recipient: Tracy

    I am applying for this grant to keep a roof over my head.

    Diagnosis: Stage II Breast Cancer B

    Treatment: Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery, Hormonal Therapy, and Herceptin infusions

    Grant used for: Rent and auto payment

    A U.S. Navy Veteran Finds a Lump in Her Breast

    Tracy is a U.S. Navy veteran who was making ends meet by providing digital and video marketing to small businesses. In her spare time, she made extra money by driving for Uber and Lyft. It wasn’t a cushy life, but she was making it work. Then she found a lump in her breast, and everything changed.

    A Whirlwind of Appointments and Treatment

    As if receiving a diagnosis of Stage II breast cancer wasn’t bad enough, Tracy also found out that she had type II diabetes. Suddenly, she found herself taking new medications every day with uncomfortable side effects and scheduling endless tests.

    This eventually led to six chemotherapy sessions in combination with Herceptin infusions. Next up is radiation treatment and then hormonal therapy for the next five years. “It is a battle that I surely never expected to fight, but I am doing it,” Tracy writes in her grant application. These aggressive treatments are helping to beat Tracy’s cancer, but they’re also beating up her body.

    Losing Income

    The exhaustion, nausea, and weakness caused by the cancer treatments has made it impossible for Tracy to maintain the energy and focus needed to be an entrepreneur and freelancer. As her medical bills have gone up, her income has dwindled. Now she must rely on financial assistance from her friends and her adult children to pay her bills. Her son, a truck driver, does his best to help by covering a few of her bills each month on his credit card.

    Tracy is currently applying for short-term disability insurance. She wrote to us requesting a grant that could serve as “a necessary bridge to get me through this period of no income so that I can continue focusing on getting well and being able to start earning income again.”

    Tracy Gets a Grant

    At Shades of Pink Foundation California, we appreciate Tracy’s entrepreneurial spirit. With the help of our donors, we were able to provide her with a grant to help cover her rent as she waits for disability payments.

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  • Women We’ve Helped- Donna

     Grant Recipient: Donna

    Grant Recipient: Donna

    Your caring and kindness are priceless to me as I know is true for the many women you help in our time of need.

    Diagnosis: Stage II Breast Cancer B

    Treatment: Chemotherapy, Mastectomy, Hormonal Therapy, and Herceptin infusions

    Grant used for: Utility bills, travel costs, insurance

    Exhausted at Work and Then a House Floods

    For six years, Donna was proud to teach citizenship classes and English as a second language. Then she began to feel more and more tired. When she lost her job, she considered it an opportunity to take a few months to rest and relax before jumping back into the job market. Mother nature had other plans.

    Soon after, Donna’s house was flooded. She spent almost a year living out of a hotel, tangling with her insurance company and contractors as she tried to rebuild. While her physical house had been deeply damaged, her body was also letting her down. She felt more exhausted than ever. When she went to the doctor, she was shocked at the diagnosis. Stage II breast cancer.

    Not Her First Medical Emergency

    Donna has nearly a lifetime of experience overcoming major health challenges. When she was 22, she contracted encephalitis, which left her paralyzed. With focus and determination, she was able to regain about 80% of her mobility. Now, at age 71, she was facing her biggest challenge yet – breast cancer.

    Months of tests and consultations ultimately led to a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and Herceptin infusions. Donna’s muscles grew weaker, and as her body started to break down under all the treatment protocols, she struggled just to walk.

    Amongst all these serious challenges, Donna was also in major financial distress.

    Depressed, Frightened, and Overwhelmed

    In her grant application, Donna told us that she was feeling “weak and depressed, frightened and overwhelmed.” Her financial situation was desperate. Her savings were gone, and Social Security was not enough to cover her expenses. She was charging more and more on her credit cards and falling behind on those payments.

    A New Outlook

    Donna’s story is both heartbreaking and all too common. She worked hard throughout her life, but cancer has stolen away her confidence and financial stability. With the help of our donors, we are grateful for the opportunity to give Donna the helping hand she so clearly deserves.

    After receiving her grant, Donna sent us a beautiful thank you letter and told us, “I went to sleep with a peaceful, grateful feeling. I have a new outlook. I can now take the time to rest and rejuvenate.” Donna, we wish you a speedy recovery and many more peaceful days and nights.

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  • Women We’ve Helped- Lisa

     Grant Recipient: Lisa

    Grant Recipient: Lisa

    It has been a hard adjustment going from trying to add a life to fighting for my own.

    Diagnosis: Stage II Breast Cancer B

    Treatment: Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery

    Grant used for: Housing

    Family Plans Thrown Asunder

    Lisa loves her two-year-old son more than she can say and was excited to start trying for a second child to grow her small family. Her job as a store manager required up to 60 hours of work a week on top of an hour commute each way. It was challenging but satisfying, and Lisa’s husband decided to help the family by leaving his job and working from home so that he could cover more childcare responsibilities.

    It all seemed to be going to plan… and then Lisa was in a bad car accident with a drunk driver. The accident left her shaken and injured, unable to do something as simple and meaningful as carry her son. It was a scary episode, but Lisa’s troubles were just beginning.

    In February of 2017, she learned she had Stage II breast cancer.

    More Doctors Appointments Then I Have Had My Entire Life

    Since her cancer diagnosis, Lisa has undergone a partial mastectomy, had four lymph nodes removed, and received both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Throughout these punishing treatments, Lisa has tried to keep her life as normal as possible.

    “I continue to fight and show my son it doesn’t matter what length your hair is or even if you don’t have any,” she wrote to us in her grant application.

    Despite Lisa’s best efforts, she and her family are struggling. “I have had more doctor appointments than I have had in my entire life,” she wrote to us, “and shed more tears than I knew was possible.” One of Lisa’s big challenges is the financial hardship that cancer has caused.

    Frugal Isn’t Always Enough

    Lisa tells us that “despite having a budget and being frugal, our expenses continue to exceed our income and many expenses are going on credit cards.” Her husband took a big pay cut when he started working for himself, and the couple is still paying off expenses related to the car accident. Lisa’s breast cancer diagnosis has put them on the financial brink.

    Lisa is proof that breast cancer can put even the most careful people into financial jeopardy. Having a good job and sticking to a budget sometimes aren’t enough when cancer enters the picture!

    Helping Lisa Find Her New Normal

    In her grant application, Lisa explained that, “I am still trying to come to terms with my diagnosis and how to find a new normal, but I am grateful for each day I am here to kiss my husband, hug my son, and encourage someone who is newly diagnosed.

    At SOPFCA, we are inspired by Lisa’s bravery and her dedication to her family and to helping other women who have been diagnosed. We are pleased that we were able to help Lisa find her new normal with a SOPFCA grant, and we thank our donors for allowing us to support amazing women like Lisa.

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