Grant Recipient: Lisa

Grant Recipient: Lisa

It has been a hard adjustment going from trying to add a life to fighting for my own.

Diagnosis: Stage II Breast Cancer B

Treatment: Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery

Grant used for: Housing

Family Plans Thrown Asunder

Lisa loves her two-year-old son more than she can say and was excited to start trying for a second child to grow her small family. Her job as a store manager required up to 60 hours of work a week on top of an hour commute each way. It was challenging but satisfying, and Lisa’s husband decided to help the family by leaving his job and working from home so that he could cover more childcare responsibilities.

It all seemed to be going to plan… and then Lisa was in a bad car accident with a drunk driver. The accident left her shaken and injured, unable to do something as simple and meaningful as carry her son. It was a scary episode, but Lisa’s troubles were just beginning.

In February of 2017, she learned she had Stage II breast cancer.

More Doctors Appointments Then I Have Had My Entire Life

Since her cancer diagnosis, Lisa has undergone a partial mastectomy, had four lymph nodes removed, and received both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Throughout these punishing treatments, Lisa has tried to keep her life as normal as possible.

“I continue to fight and show my son it doesn’t matter what length your hair is or even if you don’t have any,” she wrote to us in her grant application.

Despite Lisa’s best efforts, she and her family are struggling. “I have had more doctor appointments than I have had in my entire life,” she wrote to us, “and shed more tears than I knew was possible.” One of Lisa’s big challenges is the financial hardship that cancer has caused.

Frugal Isn’t Always Enough

Lisa tells us that “despite having a budget and being frugal, our expenses continue to exceed our income and many expenses are going on credit cards.” Her husband took a big pay cut when he started working for himself, and the couple is still paying off expenses related to the car accident. Lisa’s breast cancer diagnosis has put them on the financial brink.

Lisa is proof that breast cancer can put even the most careful people into financial jeopardy. Having a good job and sticking to a budget sometimes aren’t enough when cancer enters the picture!

Helping Lisa Find Her New Normal

In her grant application, Lisa explained that, “I am still trying to come to terms with my diagnosis and how to find a new normal, but I am grateful for each day I am here to kiss my husband, hug my son, and encourage someone who is newly diagnosed.

At SOPFCA, we are inspired by Lisa’s bravery and her dedication to her family and to helping other women who have been diagnosed. We are pleased that we were able to help Lisa find her new normal with a SOPFCA grant, and we thank our donors for allowing us to support amazing women like Lisa.